3 Tech Gadgets your Child Absolutely Needs

Imagining a life without technology and numerous tech devices that are constantly around us is impossible. Today, children not only desire but they absolutely need more than a few of tech devices. And even though, parents are often worried about what the individual devices do to their children, the most important question is what it would do to them if they don’t own them?

Technology and Childhood

When we were young, everything could be done without any advanced technology, today, children cannot even communicate with their schoolmates if they don’t own a laptop or a phone. Here is a list of the devices your child will need this year.

1. Laptop or Tablet?

Laptop or TabletThe parents often ask themselves, whether they should buy a laptop or a tablet for their child. The answer is something else – laptop/tablet hybrid. Lenovo’s Ideapad is a perfect choice for any parent and any child. You can use the main unit independently of the detachable keyboard which is perfect for trips and so on. This device is suitable for everything, learning, watching movies and so on.

2. Sensible Smartphones

Smartphones almost entirely replaced old basic phones, so why would you be a bad parent and prohibit your child from having something that kids get at the age of 10 in average. If you think this is too expensive for you, check out the Sony Xperia Z phone which is both a cool smartphone for the child and cheap phone for parents. After all, children these days can be mean, and you certainly don’t want your kid feeling sad.

3. Portable Printer

Today, people slowly forget about the printers and they often claim they are a forgotten device. However, this isn’t true at all, even though USBs and cloud sharing is more popular, students today still have to turn in printed papers. Investing in a portable printer will be an excellent option for you.

Portable Printer

If you have a small child, Gululu is the right choice for you. It is something new in the tech world, a device that is a part water bottle, part entertaining game. It would remind your kid to take its daily water intake.