Ernest Gibson Reveals a Secret to Becoming a Top NFL Player

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Until recently, NFL didn’t care much about the technology; coaches are still using some of the ancient ‘technologies’ such as black and white photo printouts to show plays. The most advanced technology they were using is certainly analog communication system. However, they decided it is time for an upgrade and now Ernest Gibson, a great cornerback for the NFL team, introduces us to the new digital network communication system.

How does the communication system work?

Ever since 1994, when NFL allowed wireless communication between players and coach at the field, each team is allowed to have audio systems transmitting sounds from one live helmet. A coach has only about 25 seconds to call and pass the information to the players. After 15 seconds, microphone shuts out on its own.

Gubser & Schnakenberg LLC Digital Communication System

LLC Digital Communication SystemErnest Gibson, a brilliant cornerback, tried to explain the whole principle of the audio communication on the field. “Communication is the key to success,” he says, “In the old times, all we needed was faster and easier way to design the winning strategy.” In the beginning, numerous interruptions and mixing of the sounds from all over the court were unbearable. Today, with our new systems designed by Gubser & Schnakenberg LLC, becoming a top NFL player was never easier. The improved method won’t include coaches having to push the buttons to speak and therefore lose precious time that could be used the better way, and there won’t be interruptions, and players will hear only the things they need to understand. It also includes military encryption system used to protect the frequencies.

What’s Next?

Zebra Technologies are currently working on the improvement of the NFL players’ equipment. The next in the line for some improvement are frequency identification transmitters for shoulder pads. Receivers installed all over the stadium will collect the data about players, their movements, and positions, all in real time.