NFL Equipment and Technology – How It Works ?



NFL is certainly one of the leagues that haven’t been occupied with improvement and innovation until recently they were still using the old equipment and technologies. The appearance of television and the development in that direction certainly changed the whole concept of the American Football. However, there are a few more critical technologies used to protect the players and make the communication between them easier and faster.

Tradition and Evolution in one place

While the rules of the game itself haven’t been changed, a lot improvement was going on regarding equipment and technology, especially in the recent times. However, changes were always happening slowly, and the innovations were carefully chosen. Just the things that were necessary for improving the game.

Ernest Gibson, one of the most brilliant players in the NFL, provided us with an insight into players’ point of view. “While the game itself is brilliant and amazing, our equipment sometimes made it harder to win the game. The audio communication system was horrifying in the beginning, and you could hear the noises coming from all over the stadium and beyond it. Not to mention planes flying over.”

Communication Systems Through Time

In the beginning, hand signals and players substitution were everything, and coaches didn’t have another way to communicate with their quarterbacks. Ernest Gibson confirmed to us that audio communication systems helped a great deal in speeding up the game. Fewer substitutions less need for time-outs.

Advanced Technologies

Today, almost every stadium and every team have digital network communication system designed by Gubser & Schnakenberg LLC. It also contributes to speeding up the game, but today, there is no interruptions or mixing of the signals. Recently, whispers were caught in the NFL circles, saying that the next technology will be shoulder pads with transmitters that could make monitoring of players movements and positions a lot easier.