7 Extraordinary Military Technologies Invented by German Army

Military Technologies


Everyone knows that Nazi Germany had the most amazing weapons and technologies invented. Some of them are known today and used in modern day militaries, however, some of them were purely theoretical or forgotten. Most of them were invented during and before the World War II. However, we decided to present you seven most extraordinary technologies that ever existed in the German Army.

1. Nuclear Weapons

It is a known fact that German were the first to invent Nuclear Weapon. Competitive with American research in this area, Germans scientists were the first to make significant movement in reactor construction and isotope separation. And all this in spite of the various interruptions and interferences from government and so on.

2. Silbervogel

Silbervogel was a codename for a German Army Project of designing a space plane that should be able to bomb New York when launched from their country. This project never came to life, but its principles were used in the invention of the rocket technologies.

3. London Gun

Giant Cannon also known as V3 or London Gun was 140 meters long. This artillery piece could fire a 140kg shell at a target over 165km away. It was designed for one purpose, bombing the British capital all the way from France, but it was gigantic and practically immobile, yet it did shoot a few shells.

4. Monster Tanks

Monster Tanks were one of the purely theoretical inventions, if they were built, they would weigh 1000 tons, and they would be practically indestructible.

5. Stealth Bombers

Germany had two candidates for flying a nuclear bomb over to New York. It is said that they would destroy the whole city without anyone seeing them coming.

6. Spherical Tanks

Spherical TanksIt still doesn’t know what these were used for, and Russians captured one of these, and it sits in a Musem in Moscow even today.

7.  UFO – Sun Gun

The theory goes like this German discovered alien technology in Antarctica, and we leave the rest to your imagination.