Top 3 Conspiracy Theories about German Army Technologies

Army Technologies


German Military was famous for its extraordinary inventions during the World War II, and even though their army isn’t so creative today, we are left to ask ourselves what happened with all the old technologies in the first place.

Purely Theoretical or Actually Possible?

As the German Army was one of the strongest ones for a very long time, we decided to present you some of the most brilliant and unbelievable technologies they allegedly used in the World War II.  Some of the inventions were purely theoretical and never came to life, while others were actually used. However, there are some of the inventions that were a base to many conspiracy theories all around the World.

1. The UFO – Sun Gun

The so-called Sun Gun was never actually designed nor created by Nazis, and there is not one written evidence of the said claims. However, there are still rumors about this innovation or rather Alien technology used by Germans. Nazi UFO Conspiracy suggests that Nazis found and recovered crashed alien ship, some advanced alien technology in Antarctica. They were used to transport highest ranked German officers to the safe place during the last days of the War.

2. Darkside Moonbase

Connected to the previous conspiracy theory, Darkside Moonbase suggests that the German officers and politicians were moved to the Military base they had previously established on the Moon. Proof are supposedly the pictures created by NASA probes that show unusual structures on the Moon.

3. Anti- Gravity Technology

To explain the movement of the said UFO, people had to create another conspiracy theory. This one was supported by journalists from all around the world. Anti-Gravity Technology included certain powers red-mercury had on the engine of the Sun Gun.