3 Most Brilliant Tech Gadgets for Indie & Punk Music


Indie and Punk Music has been underappreciated in the recent years, all thanks to the electronic music that quickly got all the spotlight. However, with the recent development and new gear that is now available, people are more curious about these types of music.

Technology in the Music Business

Today, when music is one of the most important and popular industries, it seems like development never stops. There is over a million of the new gadgets that can now produce clearer and warmer sounds than ever. You don’t even have to use instruments at all if you don’t want. However, instruments are always a crucial part of Indie and Punk bands. Hazel’s Wart’s, a punk grunge indie band’s members from San Francisco confirm our theory by saying that technology and innovations are important, but instruments and vocals are crucial for this music. Here are three of the most brilliants gadgets to improve your sound and enjoy your music.

1. A Little Thunder

Adding a Little Thunder into your music will certainly blow your fans away. A Little Thunder is a device that will allow you to play guitar and bass simultaneously. This gadget will add a bass signal to the two lowest strings on your electric guitar.


2. Wond

Every Indie Music fan will be blown away by this invention. You can use it as a pick, and it will completely change the sounds your instrument usually makes, replacing it with flute-like or ethereal sounds. Controlling the Wond is unusually easy to use, the harder your grip it, the larger power it applies to the strings.

3. Artiphon

Artiphon is a device that can add a little freshness to your music. Perfect for unexpected trips and tours, it is a gadget that can be used as any instrument, guitar, violin, a keyboard.