Famous Indie & Punk Band Reveals its Secret to Success

electronic devices

Development of the technology threw guitars and drums into oblivion and brought various electronic devices into the spotlight. With electronic music still in the center of attention, you would think old school bands cannot succeed in this business today. However, you would be significantly wrong.

Rise of the old school music

Even though electronic music such as techno and deep house are still most popular ones, people are looking for something different and unique. In their search, Indie and Punk music are often the winners. Hazel’s Wart, a punk grunge indie band from San Francisco recently released a new EP that quickly got more than a few thousand fans from all over the World. They decided to let their music speak for themselves, made it free for listening and enjoyed their success. We had the honor to ask them about their secret to success.

Uniqueness, Innovation & Effort

guitars Latest technology doesn’t have much to do with the punk and grunge music. You can hardly say that the guitars and the equipment they possess are something extraordinary or never seen before. On the contrary, even though they use completely simple and even medium-quality equipment, they did mention the new microphone they were using while working on their studio album. Ben, the frontman of this band told us that one of the most important things in the music business is being innovative and unique, as well as devotion to each song. Each and every note is imperative for success, in the end, the little things build miracles.

TheĀ  Miraculous Telefunken R-F-T AR-51 Microphone

How the members of the band said, this Mike meant the whole difference for their music. This device is capable of reproducing numerous sound sources and in a brilliant way. It was placed three feet from the drum kit, and it was still able to replicate the warm and punchy sound of their music. Aside from that, it was equally good if not better, when pointed at the guitar, providing us with the sharp but crystal clear sounds. However, it’s influencing captures the ears of the listeners while reproducing strong male rock vocals.