Send Youtube videos Without Leaving The App

This August we have really good news for all YouTube users-  a new update for the app that makes video sharing much more easier. Easier than ever actually, because you don’t have to copy and paste links into conversations. The developers came up with this solution after countless requests and complaints on the process of sharing videos. It was expected to be solved by the end of the summer as some predicted. However, it became available for download yesterday on 7th of August.

Before the update mentioned above, users could share videos with their friends only by copying and pasting the URL into one of the social media apps. This latest update changes that and solves the long-time problem with one click –  you just send the videos directly like you share a picture with your friend on Instagram or Messenger app.

Access your conversations anytime

YouTubeThere is a new tab “Shared” which gives you the overview of all YouTube conversations that you had with anyone. To use this, you will need to invite someone from inbox or by using an invitation link via social networks or emails. According to YouTube, the most people used social platforms due to easy registration.

Similarity to Instagram And Messenger

As much as this feature reminds of Instagram’s “chatting,” it is still a great step for YouTube’s app which takes your video messaging on the higher level. The sharing is very easy – you see a video you would like to send, tap the arrow that is below the video so you could see your list of friends. Now you can select multiple contacts and send them a video and thus create a group, just as in Instagram. There is a limit on persons-per-group which is 30. Some people don’t have Instagram, but they do Messenger, which comes in handy if you want to send them a video from YouTube. Android Messaging support enables you sending SMS and MMS messages with videos in just three clicks without closing the app.

Low sending-time And

YouTube has one goal – to keep users busy with their platform as much as possible. Which is cool, since they care about their customers. They don’t want us to lose time on switching back and forth between apps just to send one funny video of a prank that didn’t work. Instead, they updated their app so we could use it more than we planned.

This feature has been tested since September last year but only in January 2017 became available for download in Canada. Now, after half of year, we can send Adele’s performance from Sydney to aunt without pausing the video. A private company announced that an average YouTube app user spent more than a minute on sending process (even using multiple options). Now, after the update, the time is cut down to 15-20 seconds which is amazing. Now we can send the videos with just one two taps and make our friends laugh.